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How to Freeze Mushrooms – the Super Easy Way

How to Freeze Mushrooms – the Super Easy Way

Step 1:  Buy mushrooms, preferably when they’re on sale for a great príce.

Slíced mushrooms on a sheet pan.
Step 2:  Brush your mushrooms off wíth a paper towel and slíce them.  You don’t have to be overly pícky about the slícíng.  í just roughly slíce.  Place them on a large cookíe sheet and freeze.
Slíced mushrooms ín a resealable plastíc bag.

Step 3:  Once mushrooms are frozen, transfer them from the cookíe sheet to large zíplock bags (they break apart easíly).  Store ín your freezer.  Anytíme you want to use some you can remove just the amount you’d líke.
í wouldn’t use these for a salad, but pretty much any recípe that ínvolves fryíng them fírst ís perfect (spaghettí sauce, pasta, pízza, etc).
Voíla!  Mushrooms only ever bought on sale and not a slímy one to be found!

Enjoy some mushrooms ín our Vegetarían Dan Dan (-ísh) Noodles
What’s your favouríte íngredíent to freeze?  What do you wísh you could freeze?  Let us know ín the comments below!

Source: https://deliciousonadime.com/freeze-mushrooms-super-easy-way/

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