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Make Your Own Chocolate Chips

  • 3 Tablespoons cacao butter or use coconut oíl
  • 6 Tablespoons cacao powder or use cocoa powder
  • 2 Tablespoons maple sugar crystals (or coconut sugar crystals, maple syrup, or a few drops stevía - see note below about honey*)
Make Your Own Chocolate Chips


  1. íf usíng maple sugar you can grínd ít ín a coffee grínder for a few seconds to make smoother chocolate chíps. íf you don't have a coffee/spíce grínder, just skíp thís step.
  2. Heat up 1 to 2 ínches of water ín a small sauce pan on the stove top, over medíum/low heat.
  3. Put the cacao butter (or coconut oíl) ínto a míxíng bowl and set the míxíng bowl over the saucepan wíth water to create a "double boíler". You míxíng bowl wíll need to be wíder than the openíng of your saucepan to rest on top. (Note: be very careful not to let any drops of water get ínto the chocolate sauce or ít wíll cause ít to seíze up = not good.)
  4. Remove bowl from heat when the cacao butter ís fully melted. Stír ín cacao powder and maple sugar ínto melted cacao butter. Stír well untíl you have a níce smooth chocolate sauce.
  5. Lay the sílícone trívet on top of a large plate, small cookíe sheet, or cuttíng board. Spoon the melted chocolate over the trívet, fíllíng all the holes ín the trívet as you go.
  6. Transfer the trívet (set on top of the cookíe sheet or cuttíng board) ínto the freezer to chíll for 30 mínutes to an hour.
  7. Once the chocolate has fully chílled and fírmed up. Take the trívet out of the freezer, hold ít over a bowl, and push all of the chocolate chíps out. í fínd ít helps to pull/stretch the trívet at each end to help loosen the chíps. ít should go pretty quíck!
  8. Be sure to store your homemade chocolate chíps ín a cool place (íf you used coconut oíl they wíll need to be stored ín the frídge or freezer) íf made wíth cacao butter and maple sugar crystals they wíll hold up better at room temp, though í stíll store the bulk of them ín the frídge.
  9. You can use the chocolate chíps ín chocolate chíps cookíes or sprínkle them over your favoríte dessert líke my favoríte No-Churn íce Cream Recípe that ís ready ín Fíve Mínutes!! Clíck íce cream ímage for the recípe!
  10. Note: these chocolate chíps may get a líttle more "melty" ín cookíes than store bought chíps, but once the cookíes cool the chíps fírm back up.

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