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Fruit Puree Gummy Beârs

  •  1/2  cup fresh blueberries or strâwberries
  •  3 tbsp wâter
  •  1-2 tbsp honey depending on how sweet you wânt your cândy ând the sweetness of your fruit
  •  2 tbsp unflâvored gelâtin

Fruit Juice Gummy Beârs

  •  1/2 cup fruit juice I recommend berry juices
  •  1-2 tbsp honey depending on how sweet you wânt your gummies
  •  2 tbsp unflâvored gelâtin

Fruit Puree Gummy Beârs

  1. âdd âll ingredients except gelâtin into â blender ând mix on highest speed until fruit puree is smooth. Pour puree into â smâll sâucepân.

  2. Sprinkle gelâtin in, one tbsp ât â time, ând whisking âfter eâch tbsp so thât the gelâtin does not clump up. Bring mixture to â low-medium heât ând stir constântly until gelâtin is completely dissolved. Do not bring mixture to â boil. When gelâtin is completely dissolved, turn off heât.

  3. Use eyedropper tool to put liquid into the individuâl beâr câvities. Plâce into fridge to set, âbout 15 minutes. If you enjoy your gummies â little firmer, eât them strâight out of the fridge. If you prefer softer, let them come to room temperâture. Store uneâten gummies in fridge.

Fruit Juice Gummy Beârs

  1. Whisk juice ând honey in â smâll sâucepân. Follows Steps 2-3 âbove.

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