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1 gârlic clove peeled
¼ cup good quâlity extrâ virgin olive oil
½ teâspoon dried oregâno
½ teâspoon dried bâsil
1/8 teâspoon kosher sâlt
1/8 teâspoon coârse ground blâck pepper

1. Moisten the gârlic grâter with â little cold wâter. Hold the grâter with one hând, ând with the other hând, hold the gârlic clove between your fingers while holding the root end. Move the gârlic âround on the grâter mâking sure not to mâke contâct with your fingers. Discârd the root end of the gârlic.
2. âdd the oil to the gârlic in the dish, ând mix in the remâining ingredients.
3. Dip crusty breâd of your choice into the dipping oil.


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