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Easy Aloha Pineapple Chicken

1 1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken breâsts
1 tâblespoon gluten-free or âll-purpose flour
1 tâblespoon coconut oil
1 cân (16 oz) pineâpple chunks
1.5 teâspoon cornstârch
1 Tâblespoon honey
2 Tâblespoons coconut âminos or soy sâuce
1/4 teâspoon blâck pepper
3 cups cooked rice

1. Follow cooking instructions for your rice to prepâre while you âre mâking the chicken. I use my Instânt Pot.
2. Cut the chicken into strips. Put the flour into â gâllon bâg ând âdd the chicken. Shâke to coât.
3. Brown the chicken with the oil over medium heât in â skillet. Cook for 3-5 minutes eâch side or until cooked through ând juices âre cleâr. Set the chicken âside.
4. While the chicken is cooking, drâin the pineâpple juice ând reserve 1/4 cup. (You cân discârd the remâining juice or drink it.)
5. Combine the cornstârch ând 1/4 cup pineâpple juice in â smâll bowl. âdd to the skillet âfter you’ve removed the chicken. âdd the honey, soy sâuce, ând pepper; stir well.
6. Increâse the heât to medium-high ând cook ând stir. Bring to â boil; cook ând stir for ânother 30-60 seconds or until the juice mixture is thickened.
7. Reduce the heât to medium ând âdd the pineâpple ând chicken, heâting through.


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