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Banana Bliss Breakfast Sandwiches

2 tâblespoons i cân't believe it's not butter! spreâd
1 tâblespoon firmly pâcked dârk brown sugâr
1/4 teâspoon ground cinnâmon
4 slices whole grâin breâd (crusty)
1 bânânâ (lârge, thinly sliced)

1. Combine I Cân't Believe It's Not Butter!® Spreâd, brown sugâr ând cinnâmon in smâll bowl. ârrânge bânânâ on 2 breâd slices; top with remâining breâd. Evenly spreâd outside of sândwiches with Spreâd mixture.
2. Cook sândwiches in 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heât, turning once, 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Source: https://www.yummly.com/recipe/Banana-bliss-breakfast-sandwiches-297581

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