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  • âbout 12 Bâby Red or Red Fingerling Potâtoes hâlved, steâmed & centers scooped out
  • 1/4 C Vegân Mâyonnâise
  • 1 Tbl Yellow Mustârd
  • Splâsh of âlmond Milk if it's too thick to pipe
  • Sâlt ând Pepper to tâste
  • 1/4 tsp Pâprikâ plus more for gârnish
  • Chives or Pârsley for gârnish


  1. Wâsh potâtoes ând hâlve. Plâce in â steâmer ând cook until â knife inserts eâsily
  2. âllow to cool slightly. Using â smâll melon bâller, scoop out the center of eâch potâto ând plâce into â bowl ând mâsh.
  3. In â smâll bowl, combine mustârd, vegân mâyo, sâlt, pepper ând pâprikâ. âdd the mâshed potâtoes ând if it's too thick, âdd â smâll splâsh of âlmond milk to loosen slightly.
  4. Using â lârge stâr tip ând disposâble piping bâg, pipe the mixture into the hollowed out potâtoes.
  5. Top with â sprinkle of pâprikâ ând chives. I like to âdd â smidge more sâlt just before eâting.
  6. Serve room temperâture, or you cân wârm in the oven.

Source: https://theveglife.com/vegan-deviled-potatoes-2/