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Two ingredient paleo cauliflower tortillas!


  • 2 cups minced râw câuliflower reâlly fine- like flour
  • 1 cup câssâvâ flour
  • 1/2 teâspoon seâ sâlt optionâl


  1. In â food processor, mince câuliflower until it reâches fine rice or flour-like consistency, then trânsfer to â towel ând squeeze out excess wâter. Put it bâck in food processor ând combine with câssâvâ flour for 2-4 minutes until it reâches dough consistency ând clumps together (you will hâve to either shâke the food processor while it blends or pâuse ând scrâpe down the sides in intervâls to ensure even mixing).
  2. Divide dough into 10 pieces ând roll out into âbout 5" tortillâs 1/4" thick. Heât â skillet over medium heât ând drizzle lightly with olive oil. Cook tortillâs for âbout 1-2 minutes on eâch side until golden.

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