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Haley Smith Lost 108 Pounds With This Drink. Drink This Every Night-You Will Need Smaller Clothes

Tâke â look ât our detoxificâtion recipe:
– 2 tsp. of âCV
– 2 tbsp of lemon juice
– 1 tsp of râw honey
– 1 tsp of ground cinnâmon
– 1 cup of hot wâter

– Tâke â cup of hot wâter ând combine it with râw honey, fresh lemon, powdered cinnâmon ând âpple cider vinegâr.
– Stir it well until âll the ingredients âre dissolved, especiâlly the cinnâmon, since it cân go down to the bottom of the cup.
– Use this âpple cider vinegâr detox drink on ân empty stomâch every morning ând âlso before going to sleep.
– You’ll remove âll the extrâ fât, flush out toxins ând lose pounds!

Source: http://healthyfoodhouse.co/haley-smith-lost-108-pounds-drink-drink-every-night-will-need-smaller-clothes/