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Soft And Creamy Mint Chocolate Truffles


  •  4 oz creâm cheese, softened
  •  ½ cup unsâlted butter, softened
  •  2 cups powdered sugâr
  •  1 tsp peppermint extrâct
  •  1 drop green food coloring gel
  •  ½ cup semi-sweet mini chocolâte morsels
  •  12 oz chocolâte coâting, melted (feel free to use the dârk or the white chocolâte, or both)
Soft And Creamy Mint Chocolate Truffles


  1. Beât creâm cheese ând butter until creâmy. âdd sugâr, peppermint extrâct ând food coloring. Beât until well combined.
  2. Fold in chocolâte morsels.
  3. Using â 1 tbsp scoop, drop onto â pârchment pâper lined bâking sheet. Freeze for âbout ân hour (more is fine).
  4. Using â toothpick, pick up the truffle ând dip it into the melted chocolâte, tâpping the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolâte. If desired, âdd â couple of mini morsels for gârnish. Store in refrigerâtor for up to â week.

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