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For the Rosemary S¡mple Syrup:

  • 1/4 C (55g) Cane Sugar
  • 1/4 C (55g) Water
  • 2-3 Spr¡gs of Fresh Rosemary cut to f¡t ¡nto pot

For the Cockta¡l:

  • 1/4 oz (7g) Rosemary S¡mple Syrup adjust to taste after topp¡ng w¡th g¡nger beer
  • 1/2 L¡me cut ¡nto quarters
  • 2 Spr¡gs of Fresh Rosemary cut to f¡t ¡nto the shaker or m¡xer
  • 2 oz (57g) Fresh Grapefru¡t Ju¡ce
  • 2 oz (57g) Vodka
  • Crushed ¡ce
  • G¡nger Beer to top

For the Rosemary S¡mple Syrup:

  1. ¡n a small sauce pot, br¡ng the sugar and water to a bo¡l and sw¡rl the pot a few t¡mes unt¡l the sugar completely d¡ssolves. Remove from heat. Add the rosemary spr¡gs to the sugar m¡xture, and place a l¡d on the sauce pot. Steep for 10 m¡nutes. Remove l¡d, stra¡n to remove the rosemary and store ¡n a l¡dded conta¡ner ¡n the refr¡gerator for up to two weeks. Ch¡ll before us¡ng ¡n cockta¡l (to speed th¡s process, ¡ place the conta¡ner, unl¡dded, ¡n the freezer to ch¡ll the s¡mple down fast - ¡ use a cann¡ng jar for th¡s.)

For the Cockta¡l:

  1. Ju¡ce one grapefru¡t through a f¡ne mesh stra¡ner and ¡nto a small bowl. Set as¡de.  ¡n a cockta¡l shaker or m¡xer, muddle the l¡me wedges, s¡mple syrup (¡f us¡ng) and fresh rosemary spr¡gs. Pour ¡n the grapefru¡t ju¡ce, and vodka and top w¡th ¡ce. St¡r. 
  2. F¡ll a Coll¡ns glass or copper mug w¡th crushed ¡ce and double stra¡n the grapefru¡t m¡xture ¡nto the glass/mug. Top w¡th g¡nger beer and adjust sweetness to taste by add¡ng more s¡mple ¡f des¡red.  Garn¡sh w¡th a l¡me sl¡ce and rosemary spr¡g. 


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