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20 Cheap Keto Dinner Recipes for Doing Keto on a Budget

There seems to be a misconception out there that diets are expensive, especially low carb diets. In this round up I’m going to give you 15 cheap keto dinner recipes to show you that eating keto doesn’t need to break the bank.

The keys to saving money on keto, or on any diet are simple:

  • Avoid long ingredient lists, which only fill your cupboards with half-used spice jars etc. The fewer ingredients the easier to make, and the easier to shop for
  • Cook in bulk, which allows you to buy in bulk too, for better savings.
  • Cook using cheaper ingredients, think chicken thighs instead of chicken breast, or ground beef instead of steak.

20 Cheap Keto Dinner Recipes for Doing Keto on a Budget

Finally, and most importantly, avoid wasting food, which is literally money down the trash. If you’re only cooking for one, and get bored easily, cooking up 8 servings of a casserole may not be the best idea if you can’t bring yourself to eat it all before it spoils!

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