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Healthy Breakfast: PB2 Oatmeal

PB2 Oatmeal with Almond Milk is a quick heart healthy breakfast option.  Made with powdered peanut butter and oats, this is a great recipe!


  • Quick cook oats - ½ cup
  • Almond milk - 1 cup
  • PB2 - 2 tbs
  • Cinnamon
  • Banana
Healthy PB2 Oatmeal


  1. I make my oatmeal in the microwave according to the direction on the box of oats:
  2. Combine milk, oats and PB2 in a medium microwave- safe bowl
  3. Microwave on high 1-1/2 to 2 minutes
  4. ..........
  5. Get more instructions >> click here

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