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How To Make A Chocolate Explosion Cake


  • 20cm/8″ chocolate cake – the height needs to be about 10cm/4″ – I stacked two Tesco large chocolate birthday cakes on top of one another, no need for support between the layers
  • 400g can Better Crocker Milk Chocolate Icing
  • 4 finger Kit Kats (10-12 packs)
  • 40 Maltesers (2-3 regular bags)
  • 40 Chocolate Buttons (3-4 treat size bags)
  • Kinder Egg x 2 (just in case one breaks, if they both do… oh well, hide it with M&Ms!)
  • M&Ms – your favourite kind, I used Crispy and Peanut (2-3 of each)
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (2 x 3 packs)
  • Kinder Bueno (2 bars)
  • Dairy Milk (2 bars)
  • Snickers (2 bars)
  • Flake (2 bars)
  • Milky Bar (2 bars)
How To Make A Chocolate Explosion Cake

  1. Place the cake in the middle of the cake stand.
  2. Break the KitKats into two finger pieces. I used 11 KitKats, plus one finger!
  3. Spread some frosting on the back of each KitKat and start to add around the cake. Make sure that all of the embossing is facing the same way, and that the bottoms are touching the cake stand.
  4. .............
  5. Read full recipe >> click here

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